Perhaps it is the slow pace of work over my spring break, or the ever mounting pressure to build a portfolio of content before I graduate, but it came to pass that I recently finished configuring this server. Truth be told, I merely transitioned to a different VPS provider, as I had lost SSH access to my prior server, and did not trust the host to begin with. But, whatever the case, here I am - as sporadic as ever, though perhaps a little older.

As such, perhaps some content should fill this - as of the moment - rather empty website.

Since my first posts here concerning a certain ill-fated rice cook (a project that I admit to never having brought to fruition), both much and not much has happened. I am halfway through the 4th semester of my Mechanical Engineering degree at LeTourneau University, am happily in a relationship with a fellow engineering student (though I may not name her), and have become - at least somewhat - less of a pain to those around me. Yet I feel that though I have learnt much over what is soon to be 2 years of education, I have at the same time also done nothing of interest. The closest I have come yet are perhaps the engineering projects of 2nd and 3rd semesters, though I shudder at the memory.

My first semester passed - in retrospect - rather peacefully, but Spring of 2019 brought with it IEP 2, and Fall brought EPM. I feel then that the projects that came out of these classes should be given a proper writeup, so as to flesh out the content of this site.