See my ongoing Smart Rice Cooker conversion post for my attempt at making the rice cooker smarter.

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I don’t have much rice with me (Basmati, in this case), and I’m away from home for the week, so I only used a single scoop of rice. I believe the provided cup is 100ml (it is marked such that I assume this, and the volume appears correct), so my volume of rice was about 90ml and water 140ml. I set the rice cooker going and left it alone for 14 minutes or so, expecting to return to watch it finish. To my surprise, however, it was already done, dutifully warming my rice.

Not having added any salt or other things to make it more interesting, it was plain, but not unpleasant. Next time, I was try a fraction more water and adding some salt as I should have. Promising results though, as I have never cooked rice before, in a pot or otherwise.

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Tried again, 100ml of rice, slightly too much water (160ml), salted this time. Appeared slightly too wet, but perfectly tolerable. Put it on to warm for a minute or so longer, then carried it off. By the time I had gotten some chillie to go with it, it was just fine. Very much met expectations (good), very much worthwhile in my mind.

Might try a slight bit more salt next time, but all seems well.